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Harnessing the kindness that connects us to make the greatest positive impact.

Actor Kevin Bacon, Composer Michael Bacon


We believe our shared compassion has the power to unite, motivate and bring about positive change. SixDegrees is dedicated to creating dialogue, raising awareness, understanding and empathy around causes that our communities care most about. Our core areas of focus are Youth Education/Empowerment, Equality and Justice, Sustainability and Emergent Issues important to our communities.


SixDegrees.Org is a 501c3 and was launched in 2007 by Golden Globe Winning Actor, Musician and Philanthropist, Kevin Bacon. With a mission rooted in connecting people to resources, SixDegrees works with partners at the community level, to harness the kindness that connects us to make the greatest possible impact.

ABOUT US was born out of a strong desire to create a lasting positive impact. Kevin Bacon wanted to give back and knew his brand could influence. Over the years, our philanthropic organization has grown from a celebrity experiment into a valuable and rewarding global project. What we've discovered along the way is that folks everywhere are looking for a way to feel connected. So, we're harnessing that power of connection to support grassroots nonprofits and their often-overlooked social missions. Because at the end of the day, we're all just six degrees from someone who really needs our help, and when we work together, we really can do a great deal of good.

over $12 million dollars raised!

With over $12 million dollars raised through individual campaigns and dozens of celebrity drop-ins and pop-ups driving awareness and support for small nonprofits around the country, SixDegrees is focused on doing more to keep donors engaged and participating in the long term.

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