About SixDegrees.org

As you may know, the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game was created over 20 years ago to link any Hollywood actor or actress (living or dead) to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less.

Several years after the 6 Degrees game made the rounds on college campuses, Kevin Bacon opened his refrigerator to see Paul Newman’s face staring back at him. The Newman’s Own tomato-sauce label gave Kevin the idea that he could also use his celebrity stature to make a difference. When thinking about how he could do this, he realized the game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ could be a perfect fit (somehow the Footloose Foundation just didn’t seem right).

SixDegrees.org is social networking with a social conscience.

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SixDegrees.org is a charity based in the Washington, DC area.

Selected Highlights of SixDegrees.org History

  • October, 2016 – Ron Funches and Kevin Bacon visit a Skid Row learning Center for some costume karaoke.
  • August, 2016 – Kevin Bacon breaks on tour for an impromptu masterclass with Young Chicago Authors: Bomb Squad.
  • March, 2014 – Kevin Bacon drops in on the Texas Veterans Association “Rock Your Camo 5K for Women Veterans” and it’s all smiles.
  • March, 2014 – “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” celebrates its 20th anniversary at SXSW and SixDegrees.org announces new initiative to connect celebrities and grassroots service causes through fun and meaningful “drop-ins” and “shout-outs”.
  • November, 2013 – SixDegrees.org partners with The Case Foundation and Network for Good to sponsor 5 Giving Tuesdays, a holiday-oriented online giving challenge.
  • March, 2012 – Kevin Bacon takes a break from the studio set in Atlanta to drop in on Baconfest, a Fundraiser for Dad’s Garage.
  • February, 2012 – Kevin Bacon and SixDegrees.org devise and launch the first-ever Do Good Challenge at University of Maryland.
  • October, 2011 – Kevin talks about the Six Degrees concept at TEDx.
  • May, 2011 – SixDegrees.org partners with Stanford University for a Social Networking for Social Good Challenge.
  • February, 2010 – Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore announce Do Good Battle for Charity as part of the Pepsi Refresh Project.
  • January, 2010 – Kevin Bacon receives the Joel Siegel Award. It honors a person who understands that the true value of celebrity is as an enhanced platform to do good works for others.
  • December, 2008 – SixDegrees.org begins offering “Good Cards,” enabling people to give the gift of charity in a Pay It Forward kind of way. You make a donation and let the recipient choose the cause.
  • December, 2007 – SixDegrees.org and the Case Foundation announce America’s Giving Challenge, one of the first online giving competitions awarding $50,000 grants to four nonprofits that raised the most money online.
  • January, 2007 – Kevin Bacon partners with the nonprofit Network for Good to launch SixDegrees.org at Sundance Film Festival.