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A Sample Goes a Long Way

The Bacon Bros and Sample's Staff

What's better than one sample? Two of course! The Bacon Brothers and SixDegrees joined forces with two social enterprises in historic Longmont, CO on June 13th. Sample Supports and Samples Restaurant combined forces and hosted a 20% giveback fundraiser to show support for OUR Center, a local nonprofit focused on transforming people’s lives by joining them in reaching their potential as productive citizens.

Kevin and Michael Bacon took some time off of touring with their band "Bacon Bros" to surprise attendees at "Samples Gives Back", a fundraiser supporting a local

Longmont nonprofit. While debuting their latest album "Tom Petty T-Shirt," they heard about the husband and wife duo making an impact in their Colorado community, and had to take a quick detour.

Carmen and Mark Sample are focused on creating inclusive workplaces and sustainable living wages for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Carmen dedicates herself to the Sample's mission through her company Sample Supports, a For Profit entity that serves more than 500 people across the state and employs over 170 people with disabilities in over 30 competitive partnerships. They continue to set the bar in the State for competitive and integrated employment opportunity models. One effective partnership is with her husband, Mark Sample, who owns and operators Samples Restaurant. Samples Restaurant employs over 40 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a fully integrated environment working alongside people without disabilities.

Kevin and Michael stopped in for lunch to support the fundraiser for OUR Center. OUR Center is truly a community-based agency that works closely with many other agencies to assist those in need, especially those in emergency situations. Among 20+ other services, in 2017, OUR Center served 107,600 meals in the Community Cafe and distributed 1,000,569 pounds of emergency groceries to 18,064 households. Now that’s what we call IMPACT. Providing compassionate support for the city’s population working toward self-sufficiency, whether it is the homeless, working poor, aging or despondent, we know this organization will continue to be a beacon in our community. Head over to their website to learn more about how you can support them.

Watch the video from "Samples Gives Back"