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What's Your Local Nonprofit Story?

Connection. As business philosopher and marketing master Seth Godin so accurately foresaw several years ago, we are living in what he called the "connection economy." And nothing can better express this than the "six degrees" concept. In our new Six Degrees blog, we'll focus on and feature stories about degrees of connection. Specifically, we will explore stories of how peo

ple are connected to local community nonprofits — highlighting those organizations that have helped the storyteller shape who they are or what they care about.

We can use a regular reminder that these connections, and their potential for positive change, are all around us. So, tell us your story.

How have you engaged with a local nonprofit — one that has changed who you are or how you think? It can be through volunteering with, benefiting from, supporting, or even starting the organization. Whatever way you were (or are) involved matters less than how the experience has made you a better person.

Please email a paragraph or two (and photos, if you want) to us at We will be highlighting your stories from week to week, sharing the many ways we all connect in community, place, and spirit.

And while we have you, go to our home page at to sign up for our newsletter and pledge. Finally, about the phrase "six degrees of separation"... let's change that. Let's now think of the world as being "six degrees of connection."

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

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