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COVID-19 Flatten the Curve

Hi, I’m Kevin Bacon. You probably know me. Or maybe you know somebody who knows somebody who knows me. I am a pretty social guy. But right now, like a lot of people, I am staying in. Practicing a little bit of social distancing. Not because I feel sick, or am even that worried about getting sick myself. I’m strong like Bacon.
But that is the only way we are going to slow this thing down, and eventually stop it. Because the contact you make with someone, who makes contact with someone, who makes contact with someone else, might be part of what makes someone else sick. And that someone is somebody’s mom, or grandpa, or wife. And everybody has somebody like that who is worth staying in for.
So, as much as I like being out, I am staying home for my wife, Kyra. She always said I was too social anyway.
If you’re staying in, post a video telling the world who you are staying home for, and challenge a friend or two to do the same. In fact, challenge 6.
There is just something about that number.

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