Selena Gomez surprises 6-year-old with Pfeiffer Syndrome

Peach’s Neet Feet lets children facing chronic illness or disability design custom shoes, then it gets volunteer artists to paint shoes according to the child’s specifications, rallying individuals to “Hustle Kindness” in the process. Selena did her part by delivering the shoes back stage and then inviting Nova and her parents to enjoy her show as VIPs.

Nova is 6/12 years old. She loves all things Star Wars, bugs, reading, playing the piano, being with her friends, and the Boston Red Sox. She also happens to have Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affected the growth in her skull, face, neck and arms. Because of this Nova looks a little different than many of her friends. She is tracheotomy dependent and has hearing loss. This does not dictate who she is.

A little story to tell you a bit about her. Monday we were at the park, she wanted to go to the playground. After a while she made friends with a couple of kids. A boy came up behind her and made a comment about her appearance. It wasn’t nice. She ignored him and went back to playing with the other kids. When talking about the incident with her later, I asked if she ever wanted to respond to those kinds of things (thinking I could help arm her with words should she decide to say something). We have always done the “just ignore it” school of thought. But I don’t want my girl to feel helpless if she wanted to say something. She informed me that “saying something back wouldn’t fix anything, it would just make her the same as them”. This is a kid who legitimately sees the best in everyone she meets. She plays with everyone, will walk right up and strike up a conversation with anyone. She wakes up every day running full speed ahead.

Thanks, Selena, for being part of the team and connecting causes to your everyday activities.