Is a celebrity booking service?

I need a keynote speaker for our Gala, can I submit that request to

No, is a platform that compiles cause-related activities connected to everyday routines. We facilitate free celebrity shout outs (and drop-ins) to spotlight the variety of fun and easy ways that anyone can make an impact on a cause, simply by doing things they already do. Whether it is shopping, dining, fishing, movie-watching, running, racing, reading, partying, egg hunting, singing, dancing, sailing, skiing, strutting, starring in a funny PSA, or anything in between, our goal is to make doing good a regular part of pop culture by connecting people with causes.

We  specialize in connecting celebrities and their representatives with “hidden gem” causes, particularly in ways that accommodate unpredictable schedules, last-minute availability, and low-commitment opportunities for them to maximize impact without any of the fuss. helps celebrities find ways to support causes within their everyday routines. This means that they typically can’t commit to appearing at an event far in advance. You should try to contact a celebrity’s agent or publicist directly in order to book a speaker or other traditional event that depends on a firm, time-specific engagement.

What kind of cause or activity is best suited for a celebrity drop-in or shout-out?

You’re welcome to post any kind of activity or event that can benefit from a little celebrity attention, but it should be an existing activity with some established base of volunteer support or community engagement. A simple call to action is often helpful as well (e.g., show up for 15 minutes at our 5K, tweet this specific message, prepare meals during our regular volunteer hours and allow us to invite media, visit this unsung hero, etc.). Keep in mind that more celebrities will be available on short notice and may not have a lot of time, so giving options that can be fit into 15-30 minutes is often a great start. We encourage you to propose easy appearances/actions/events that are fun and interesting for the individual as well the general public (if people see celebrities having fun supporting your cause, they may be more likely to follow suit).

How can I increase my chances of a celebrity dropping in on or giving a shout-out for my cause?

This will vary from person to person. Celebrities have different personal, professional and charitable interests, just like anyone else. Like most people, they are attracted to causes that can leverage their involvement to create a ripple effect of support and to activities that are fun and interesting. Try to illustrate how and why people enjoy volunteering with you or attending your events. No matter how noble your cause, it will often come down to timing and may have to replace a “normal” dining, rest, or entertainment experience. If your activity is an easy and fun break from a day full of media interviews, for instance, it might be a welcome alternative to a short break in a hotel.

What should I expect after I submit an event?

When receives interest from celebrities who would like to support a cause, we first point them to those listed on the site. If we find a match, you will receive a phone call or email from to discuss more details. If you provided a well-crafted tweet, it’s also possible that a celebrity will simply give you a shout-out without notice by clicking on the link from your page. Unfortunately, there are literally million more causes than there are celebrities to support them, so the chances are not high that you will hear from us.

Does our organization have to pay for a drop-in or shout-out?

No, celebrities volunteer their time, which is why it’s so important to help accommodate their schedules and why drop-ins typically happen last-minute. If you can remove the logistical burden by covering the transportation, supplies, and similar resources required, that makes it easier for celebrities to be able to work with you, but financial support is not required. is a nonprofit funded by generous donors, sponsors and partners who share our vision of leveraging celebrities to amplify the reach and impact of grassroots causes. If you have benefited from our work or you’re simply excited about the idea of finding fun and interesting ways to make doing good a regular part of pop culture, please contact us and we’ll find great ways to maximize your contribution.

What should I expect after I submit an event?

In a word, yes! Mention @SixDegreesofKB or add #SixDegrees in a tweet to put your cause on the radar for a social media shout out. We’re also compiling a list of international opportunities. Along with other enhancements, we plan to add global opportunities to the map on


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